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  • Electronic Super Hero Mashers Iron Man figure is customizable with his gear and gear from other Super Hero Mashers figures (sold separately)

  • Super Hero Mashers Electronic Iron Man Figure No one knows exactly how it began. Some say Captain America needed a little extra oomph during battle and the Hulk volunteered to lend a hand - literally. Others claim Tony Stark ran out of shish kebobs for the annual Avengers barbecue and borrowed a couple of claws from Wolverine. However it started, everyone agrees only one question really matters now: are you ready to Make YOUR Mash-Up? Make YOUR Mash-UpView larger Make YOUR Mash-Up Fighting crime is hard work, and sometimes even the most powerful Super Heroes need a hand. Now you can lend them one with Marvel Super Hero Mashers figures! This Iron Man figure amps up your mash-up with a chest-mounted, light-up repulsor and a projectile-firing missile launcher. This customizable six-inch figure includes seven connection points allowing you to detach head, arms, and legs and reconnect them wherever you want. Universal connectors let you swap parts with any other Super Hero Mashers figure, giving you the freedom to create your own unique Super Hero mash-up. Additional connection points allow you to attach battle gear and accessories from this Iron Man figure to your other Super Hero Mashers toys, or connect their gear to your Iron Man figure. You decide the best way to Make YOUR Mash-Up! Universal ConnectionsView larger Combine Forces With Iron Man Mash up your Iron Man figure with other Super Hero Mashers figures to create your own hybrid hero, and then blast into battle with his light-up repulsor. Need to crush a mountain at a momentâ€TMs notice? No problem: borrow the super strength of the Hulk and get smashing. Missile launcher too destructive to break into the villain's secret lair unnoticed? Swap gear with the Wolverine figure and pretend to slice and dice through the locks with his adamantium claws. With the powers and gear of all your favorite Super Heroes at your fingertips, you can pick and choose their parts to make the perfect mash

    Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Iron Man Figure - B00HAKYULS

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    Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Iron Man Figure - B00HAKYULS

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